scenographic design


Scenography is about creating a collaborative work where all decisions inform each other. I work closely with my director and design team to create an immersive production. I think in terms of light and shadow just as much as the lighting designer, because the set is only seen with the help of light. I consider the costumes, as they inform the world the character inhabits and how the character fills their space. This page contains scenic designs, though I work in projections, costumes, and lighting as well, and each set was designed with all these areas in mind.

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Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen directed by Anthony Luciano Mandell Weiss Forum Theatre, UC San Diego, CA in her coveted mansion on a hill, surrounded by giant glass windows, Hedda is on display but no one is watching. Her Modernist prison is the definition of style but the antithesis of comfort. As she tries to find the one thing in her life that she can control, she is slowly pushed out of her own life until she has no choice but live, or die, on the edge of existence.