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Design is an artistic response to the world, meant to make us re-imagine the possibilities of our lives, past, present, and future. A theatre artist, therefore, needs to know about the world. All of it. Or as much as possible. The study of anything is the study of theatre, and studying anything helps influence the art a designer can make.


In such a holistic art form, it only makes sense to further that integrated spirit into the direct practice of production. This is why I consider myself a scenographer, a designer. I work in close collaboration with the whole design and production team to create a unified work with each element in support of the others. I specialize in scenic, projection, and graphic design, but have studied and worked in costume and lighting design as well. I believe a design team functioning at its best is one that can work cross-discipline to best support the ideas of the production.


In the end, it’s all about the play. Or avant-garde art performance piece. The end goal is to create a meaningful and lasting impression on the audience, whatever the method. I create immersive and approachable works that give the audience room to explore their own minds, and to change their own worlds. I want to design the future.

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