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Praise for alligator summer

"In a one-room shack in backwoods Louisiana, two families - The Gettysburgs and the Juleps - are trapped, forced into cohabitation by the gators swimming just below the floor. In this setting (a beautifully trashy set by Kathryn Lieber) it doesn't take long to realize that beneath the dirty ply wood, many nasty family secrets lie."

- Matt Roberson,


"Representational set pieces and detailed dressing flawlessly create not only a look but also a world and tone to house this very specific play, courtesy of Kathryn Lieber. The audience is immediately clued in to the culture of these characters before any body takes the stage."

- Joseph Samuel Wright,

Praise for S-16 Luna Nera

"Loosely based on a Luigi Pirandello short story, this poetic multi-media production is an intense, heavily atmospheric theater art installation from Pioneers Go East Collective... the work “installs” spectators in a confining atmosphere and thrusts disturbing sights and sounds upon us.

- Lisa Jo Sagolla,


Praise for The dybbuk

"... a design team that could compete with any for profit theatre."

"... set designer Kathryn Lieber left no mistake that she did her homework."

- The Examiner


"... worth seeing for its fine acting and production values."

- San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

Praise for hedda gabler

"The UCSD production offers a spiffy, minimalist but effective set..."

- San Diego Gay and Lesbian News


"... beautiful, contemporary digs..."

- Pat Laurner

Praise for
a man, his wife, and his hat

"Wondrous set design by Kathryn Lieber"

- Charlene and Brenda in the Blogosphere


"The creative staff - made up entirely or MFA students - exude expert resourcefulness under the constraints of a low-budget production."

- The Guardian

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